i found these stills lying around on my computer so i just feeeeeeeeeel like posting em 






practicing jutsus

baby bluee

baby bluee

da hound



2nd set of ointb doodles! the first one is over here.

and since some of you guys asked, i put up a print over on s6 of all of them!

all the oitnb doodles i did so far!

2nd set here. buy a print of all 16 here

i’ve never watched this show but this one’s a commission of hannibal eating will’s GUTS 

i’ve never watched this show but this one’s a commission of hannibal eating will’s GUTS 

i luv beast boy

i luv beast boy

steve how do you dRAwWww please tell or I will die im having so much trouble drawing im crying hhhh bye thanks

if you are having a bad drawing time what i do is either: 

1. step the fuck away from drawing and go play a game or go outside or some shit

2. doodle of ton of crap and accept its probs not gonna be the best. im just trying to remember how to draw. i usually do studies or weird experiments or try to draw from a picture or something and it personally helps me get out of a funk??? maybe you could try

i dunno if you mean trouble drawing In Life or like temporarily but either way..just keep at it!!!!! you can do it. there is no improvement w.out a struggle. struggling is good!!!!!!

i dont wanna tell u how to live your life man but holy shit i hope you get a job on a popular cartoon show or s/t because seriously after watching your film, with that kind of grasp on physical comedy, your stuff takes me back to classic old-school spongebob and i would shit my pants laughing if i saw your stuff on any cartoon

haha ahhh wow thanks a ton man!! i really appreciate the kind words and i’m super happy you enjoyed it. i’m trying to get on something, we’ll seeeee

also takes this opportunity to just say thanks to anyone that ever leaves me a message, i’m sorry i may not always get back to everyone, but i’m always really thankful and it lifts me up and keeps me going! i love ya :c)image

doofus mcgee

doofus mcgee


an older commission for adam who was cool enough to just give me some 2 word prompts and let me do whatever i wanted with it! i chose ‘crystal magi’ and ‘swamp pilgrim’